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Animals & Wild-life - Tapestry cushions
Animals & Wild-life - Tapestry cushions
Bayeux - Tapestry cushions
Beatrix Potter - Tapestry cushions
Bolsters - Tapestry cushions
Cicely Mary Barker - Tapestry cushions
City & Country Scenes - Tapestry cushions
Floral - Tapestry cushions
Fruits - Tapestry cushions
Kids - Tapestry cushions
Medieval - Tapestry cushions
Medieval Armour - Tapestry cushions
Nature - Tapestry cushions
Nautical Scenes - Tapestry cushions
Nobles & Knights - Tapestry cushions
Oriental - Tapestry cushions
Pets - Tapestry cushions
Redoute - Tapestry cushions
Religious - Tapestry cushions
Royal Navy - Tapestry cushions
Sports & Leisure - Tapestry cushions
Unicorns - Tapestry cushions
William Morris - Tapestry cushions
Wine & Feast - Tapestry cushions
Miscellaneous - Tapestry cushions
Tapestry bolsters, bolsters and toss cushions collection. Perfect as a backrest or to accent your couch. A must see! Charlotte home furnishings/Save on tapestries are a leading importer and distributor of tapestry and tapestry decorating accessories including tapestry bolsters, bolsters and toss cushions. Come enjoy browsing through our fine collection of tapestry products. Save on Tapestries also welcomes you to explore our other tapestry collection such as tapestries or belgian tapestry wall hanging to accent the beauty of your home d├ęcor. We carry the largest selection of tapestry throws, tapestry handbags, tapestry bell pulls, tapestry runners and more. We are a leading wholesale tapestry source to interior designers, furniture, antique and drapery stores. All our tapestry cushions, tapestry bolsters, tapestry handbags and tapestry throws are woven in Europe. Our European tapestry wall hangings make great gifts for any occasion. They are gifts that you will be long remembered by. A European tapestry wall hanging will be cherished forever and will be an heirloom in the making.
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